3 Easy Steps To Healing Your Gut

It’s cool to see that gut health is trending right now – you know… seeing as Naturopathic medicine has been doing it for 50 years and traditional Eastern Medicine has been studying gut health for over 3000 years. It’s great to see that “modern” medicine is starting to catch up!

But why is your gut health so important?

Here’s the short of it: you quite literally are what you eat. You eat food, which you then break down into tiny molecules. This food gets converted into energy and used for nutrients. It’s then taken up by your cells and converted into energy that is used to create new cells. Without food, you would have nothing to create new these cells – so your body would start to take these nutrients from other places like your bones and other living tissue until there was nothing left to take and you died.

So, the reason that having a healthy gut is SO important, is because a happy, healthy gut can more effectively break down and uptake nutrients which makes the process of building new cells and keeping you healthy even easier.

So how do we repair our gut?

This is a 3 stage process that can be quite intensive so we’re going to cover this as simply as possible. This picture may not be graphically pretty, but it tells one hell of a story!

Step 1: Reduce Inflammation

There are probably things that are irritating your gut. In fact, even some healthy food might be giving you some trouble. If you’re eating a healthy food like broccoli, but every time you eat it, you get bloated and see whole chunks of broccoli in the toilet the next time you use the bathroom, then it’s not healthy for you.

In fact, it could actually be causing inflammation that is slowly breaking down the integrity of your gut, your gut lining and your ability to absorb nutrients. This causes a great deal of stress on the body which can cause leaky gut, leaky lungs and even leaky brain (this can create anxiety, depression, exacerbate ADHD and autism and cause many other mental health conditions). 

Step 2: Repair The Lining

The process of repairing the gut lining can be done with food, supplements and a whole lot of patience. I have helped clients repair their guts entirely from years of ulcerative colitis, chronic constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, acid reflux and so much more.

How? By feeding them natural, alive, good quality foods that are densely packed with nutrients. But remember, they must be foods that you can digest well.

Think of feeding someone with a damaged gut like feeding a baby. Would you give a baby hard to chew and digest foods like steak or processed foods like french fries? I sure hope not. And if so, (as a concerned citizen) that’s a conversation to be had with your paediatrician.

You feed a baby soft, easy to chew or “pre-chewed” foods like avocados, squash, roasted carrots. For a toddler, it’s soft, easily broken foods like ground chicken or baked salmon. These foods are easy to chew, easy to digest and gentle on the gut. Something important to know is that an inflamed gut is likely not producing enough digestive enzymes or stomach acid – which means you’re not breaking down food very well.

This is where some supplements come into play like digestive enzymes and many more. But I only recommend supplements on a case by case basis – rarely, if ever, as a blanket statement for everyone.

Step 3: Colonize With Bacteria

This step is easy! You just need to eat foods high in pre and probiotics such as resistant starches or starchy vegetables and ferments. “Prebiotics” are fibres that feed bacteria and “Probiotics” are bacteria. There’s a million and one sources for each and I won’t list them here because that’s a whole different blog post!

There’s good news

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