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Foam rOlling 101

By learning the art of foam rolling, you will save yourself a TON of time and pain with varying levels of self-massage aimed at reducing sore muscles, tight tendons and joint discomfort.

more about Josh

After moving provinces and learning my Paramedic Licence would not trasfer over with me, I was led down a path of using what knowledge I had in a different way, and I founded Aftermath Fitness™ and began working as a personal trainer. It wasn’t long before I realized there were a LOT of people who had tried losing weight and getting healthier on their own, only to struggle and continue dealing with chronic pain, digestion issues, hormonal imbalances, mystery illnesses and more.

Because of my extensive training and interest in proactive versus reactive healthcare, I looked at each case holistically and started helping people heal from the inside out. Now, I am honoured to support you on your journey as well!

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